Billing Services

Patient Demographic, Charge Data, and Payment Data Systems are established in each practice to gather data necessary to expedite reimbursement. Steele Management, Inc. uses generally accepted accounting practices as we gather and enter data at our offices. Steele Management Inc. supports the office in maintaining credentialing requirements of physicians.

The client has full access to all data and reports at their location using state-of-the-art cloud software by AdvancedMd. Inc a subsidiary of ADP. This allows your office to answer any patient questions that may arise without having to keep up with data entry or software maintenance issues. Although our staff is readily available to enter charge data we are also able to train your staff to submit encounter forms for our review prior to submission.

Electronic Claims Submissions
Claims submissions are performed though a clearing house electronically at no additional cost to the client.

Patient Statements
Patient statements are submitted electronically through a clearing house at no additional cost to the client.

Over 98% of the claims go through and are paid on the first attempt. The claims that are not paid are investigated and resolved within the time filing limits.

All new clients are evaluated for billing deficiencies and suggestions are made to maximize productivity potential. This includes training of the physician, if necessary, and staff development.

Individual Account Executive
Each client is assigned their own individual account executive. This individual is responsible for data entry, payment entry, and daily, monthly and yearly batch reconciliation. When a patient or the office needs to speak to a representative, they will have one familiar individual that they can rely on to represent them. Each account executive is HIPPA trained and knowledgeable of their accounts and their coding needs.

No Complex and Confusing Voice Prompts
All calls are answered personally and all patient calls are referred to a specialist for resolution of claim disputes. Calls can be directly routed to Steele Management, Inc. through a 1-800 number.

Monthly or Ad Hoc Reports
Reports are readily available for each client in their own database. Monthly reports are provided, but we can also assist in the development of specific reports.